Google Chrome LogoIt’s been a month since Google pushed out their Google Chrome browser. In that short time, the initial buzz about the shiny new browser has slowly being taken over by reports of crashes and security flaws.

NetApplications also just released a report that the market share for Google Chrome since the launch has dipped but holding steady at 0.7%.

Does this put a kink in the Google world domination plan? Probably not, it’s more like a minor setback.

Looking at Google Trends, you can see a massive decline in Google Chrome search volume after the initial buzz. But, at least, it’s holding steady just below ‘internet explorer’ or ‘ie’.

Google Chrome Trends

Based on sites that I work with, some of which gets 1.5mil visits per month (Google Analytic score), Google Chrome is the 4th most popular browser visiting our sites, above Opera.

Google Chrome Stats

In terms of trends over the past month, the numbers seems very constant too.

Google Chrome Stats

So I think its safe to say, that Chrome is not going to be a major challenge to IE or Firefox in its current form, anytime soon. It is still in beta, but to be able to leap over the much loved Opera browser in 1 month is impressive in itself. The power of the Google brand!

Personally, I’ve tried to use Chrome and as a whole I do like it. I even switched Chrome as my default browser, but that lasted about 2 days. I had problems with some e-banking Java applet, and other minor quibbles like Google toolbar (You should think Google would launch a browser with support for their own product range!). In the end, my trusty Firefox still holds the spot for default browser.