When we talk about PHP, MySQL is often the other word that goes hand-in-hand with it. But Oracle? 2 weeks ago, I had an opportunity to attend the Singapore’s PHP User Group monthly gathering, and the topic was on Oracle 11g and PHP.

Oracle is not often associated with PHP in my world, so the talk was a pretty decent overview for me on Oracle 11g. It covered what Oracles offers PHP developers, in terms of features, support etc. It gave sample codes, demostrations, and explains how connection pooling is done in Oracle.

Check out video of the session, presented by Blair Layton, Senior Manager – Developer Program, Oracle Asia Pacific.

Some of the highlights for me were

  1. Bind Variables – an interesting concept to reduce the database engine’s time in parsing the statements, thereby improving the performance. Read more about it
  2. DRCP – Database Resident Connection Pooling, is Oracle’s way of overcoming it’s heavy connection burden every time an application makes a database connection. There’s a whitepaper PDF available at Oracle on DRCP

The video is below. It’s a bit dark and at 56 mins a bit long, but it’s still quite informative for those of you interested to know more about using Oracle 11g with PHP.

The presentation slides are available at Singapore PHP User Group’s website.