It would seems that Google is as fallible as the next company. Right at this moment (which is 31 Jan 2009, 3.15pm GMT) Google is labelling every site in their search result listing with a “This site may harm your computer”. And what irony, Google’s own Anti-Malware page is potentially harmful!

So, has Google been hacked, or is this the result of a careless mistake? Which ever way this goes, this is a serious serious problem for Google, since no one can go to any listed site, it’s going to impact the search referrals, and the traffic to these sites.

If you perform a search now, you will see a “This site may harm your computer.” listed below the titles in the search results.

Google Malware Notices

If you click on it, it will warn you about the site you are about to visit, with no option to continue to the site. This is truly very un-Google-like, to stop the process without a means to bypass the warning (short of a cut-and-paste of the url into the address bar)

Google Malware Warning

Even the “Safe Browsing diagnostic page” link is broken.

Google wake up! This is not a good start for 2009!