Come December 4th, this site will be 2 years old! How time flies. To mark this occasion, I’ve revamped the look of the site, and will continue to tweak various things in the days ahead.

Looking back, the site got off on a slow start, as I forgot to turn off the privacy settings in WordPress and was wondering why there were still no traffic after 3 months. Once that problem was fixed, the Google-love came rushing in!

So far, I’ve had a real blast running this blog about PHP. Like all things in IT, you can never finish learning, and the same goes for PHP. I’ve used PHP on and off for my work in the last 10 years, and there are still things about PHP that I have to catch up on, and some old PHP habits to unlearn. Either way, it’s been a great experience.

5 most visited posts to date
To date, these are my 5 most visited posts.

  1. Google Analytics API class for PHP
  2. Using regular expressions to extract content
  3. Installing XAMPP Lite on a Portable Storage device
  4. Checking a string is alphanumeric in PHP
  5. CodeIgniter: Organizing views simply

I’m most surprised to see that traffic keeps coming for the post about alphanumeric checking.

Top search engine
Google is the top traffic contributor to this site (no surprise there), but I am getting almost ALL my search traffic from Google, with Yahoo followed by Bing, in the very distant 2nd and 3rd position. Not sure if this a good thing….

Top 3 browsers

  1. Mozilla Firefox
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Google Chrome

Almost 70% of you guys are using Firefox. Firefox used to be my default browser, but not so anymore. Since version 3.5, I’ve had problems with Firefox and memory problems. I’ve switched to Chrome and liking it a lot more. Firefox is still great for the plug-ins I need, but Chrome is now my default browser. Chrome is just blazingly fast.

Coming up…
Being a technical guy, I’m not really a good writer, so crafting these posts is a lot of hard work for me. Nevertheless, I will try to push out at least one post per month. I’m also planning to branch into topics about Pentaho, since that’s what I’m spending most of my work time on these days. I’m quite sure there are some insights that I’ve learnt that might be useful for someone out there.

Thank you all!
Lastly, I just want to thank you all for your support and the wonderful comments to my posts. Keep them coming!