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Google Analytics officially uses the Asynchronous Tracking tag

Google Analytics tagging is now officially changed to the what Google calls Asynchronous Tracking, which came out of beta last week. The new tracking tag is the default and recommended code to use, and shows up in your Google Analytics’ admin interface.

Google Analytics Master Class is back in Singapore!

Last year, I attended the first ever Google Analytics Master Class held here in Singapore. I had a great time. It was a half day packed with excellent presentations for both existing GA users and new people looking to adopt GA. Well, come…

Google Analytics API class for PHP

About a month back, Google opened the Google Analytics API service to all Analytics users. the API allows developers to integrate the GA reports into their own applications or websites, or even access the reports from a phone! I’ve been thinking about how…

Review: Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics

When we first deployed Google Analytics to our websites, it was just a matter of putting in the javascript tagging according to GA’s setup guide. With that, we thought our job was done as “techies”. When the business folks and marketers approached us…